csnes9x version 1.0.2


Wed Aug 02 16:57:00 EDT 2000
    If you are getting errors with readline while compiling csnes9x, you will need to install a newer version of readline on your system. Version 4.1 should work fine which you can download from ftp://ftp.cwru.edu/pub/bash/readline-4.1.tar.gz
Wed Aug 02 00:08:00 EDT 2000
    Uploaded version 1.0.2. Mainly this release just changes my e-mail addresses, adds an option to allow csnes9x to log snes9x error messages to a log file and a few tiny cosmetic changes.
Tue Aug 01 18:46:56 EDT 2000


csnes9x is a straight-forward, down-to-earth, work-when-you-want-it-to, command-line-based, front-end for the snes9x project. It provides a menu of the ROMs in a specified directory, allows you to pass options, and it will load the snes9x executable of your choice.


I can be reached via email.


csnes9x searches the directory specified by either the SNES96_ROM_DIR environment variable, the option supplied by --d, or the default directory /roms/ and prints out the names of all the roms. It then asks you to chose one of them to play.

This program will also accept any of the command line options that snes9x uses and will pass them unto the emulator.

Another feature of this program is the ability to tell it what the name of the snes9x executable is. That way you can have it load up gsnes9x for 3Dfx graphics, or ssnes9x for console play. Just change the value of the SNES96_EXEC variable to the executable you wish to use. IE: export SNES96_EXEC=gsnes9x if you are using bash, or setenv SNES96_EXEC gsnes9x for tcsh or other variants. You can also use the --e option to set it to a different value.

Also, if you wish for csnes9x to log the snes9x error messages, set SNES96_LOG_FILE or the --l option, to specify what file to log these errors to (it defaults to /dev/null).


Currently this program isn't being mirrored anywhere so it can only be downloaded from here.

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